Special 2.5 hour workshop in which we will journey deep into the heart space using the power of Kundalini Yoga and the Alchemy Crystal Bowls.

When we open our heart centre, love, compassion, and prosperity flow easily to us.  

When we love ourselves unconditionally, without judgement or criticism, when we truly value ourselves and hold ourselves in the highest regard, the universe reflects this back to us!

At this 2.5 hour workshop we will combine the power of Kundalini yoga, during which we will cleanse the chakras and direct the pranic energy into the heart.

The session will be completed with a magical Crystal Bowl sound bath. The vibrations of the crystal bowls drop you into a deeply relaxed state and accelerate healing and cell renewal.

Join us to journey deep into your heart space and expand into divine love.  

*This workshop is suitable for all levels. Mats, Eye Pillows & Blankets provided.

TEACHER : Jayne Ellis

DATE : Saturday 25th May 2019

TIME : 14:00 - 16:30 (2.5 hours)

LOCATION : The Lodge Space, 120a Lower Road, Canada Water
London SE16 2UB

PRICE : £25

Nearest tube station : Canada Water (5 minute walk)